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I made a comment on this page on 10.07.2015 (see below. Ed). Despite the prompt action received at the time from Glynn and Louise I regret to say that my front door is still warped and does not fit. Daylight can be seen through the edges of the door. It is also very draughty. My son subsequently contacted Crown at the end of August asking why nothing had been done. A joiner visited a week later to inspect the door and agreed that it was badly warped but, to date no further action has taken place although I was assured that the new door would take about four weeks to arrive.

Why so long? Who is responsible for such a delay?

Why am I having to wait so long for action?

Whose in-tray has this sat in for so long a time?

Why am I paying a service charge for such slow and inferior service?

Has anyone else out there received this lack of attention or am I the only unlucky one?




Here's a weird question.

Why is there no Number 5 Mansion House?

There's 1-4 & 6-10, but no number 5! Can anybody share some insight into this?


(Does Anyone  know the answer - please comment. Ed.)



I read the comments here on the "alternative Devington Park" site from time to time and feel that the original comments and concerns are less valid as time progresses. Indeed much of the voiced concerns have not materialised and in fact most has not changed other than perhaps being carried out by someone different or in a slightly different way. I congratulate the board and the new staff on their progress. I am happy for these comments to be published on this site, along with my name. Thank you.



Whist my son was visiting he noticed that my front door appeared a bit warped and may well leak, letting in the rain. We were due to go out shortly, but before we went, we phoned Crown Property and spoke to Louise, who assured us that some one would come and look at it. Almost as soon as we had put the phone down Glynn was with us, and after a brief chat about it we headed off out. On our return Glynn met us and had already spoken to the carpenters. We are very impressed with the service these two gave, polite and efficient, brownie points to both of them!



 I share your views on the disgracefull state of the gardens now and want some immediate action from the Board to rectify the situation.



We were wondering about purchasing a property at Devington Park, but have found filed management accounts for 2013 are completely blank (legal but unhelpful). More disturbing is the accounting policy that states (P&L) accounts will not show income from lessees, or expenditure on maintenance even if/when published. Just what IS going on?


( reply:-

Firstly may we say that should you purchase a property at Devington Park we are certain that you would not be disappointed. Devington Park is a great place to live.


With regards to the 2013 accounts - we are not at all sure where you found the filed accounts? Would it have been via Company House?


You may be aware that we are not the ‘official’ website for Devington Park. We would suggest that you, as interested potential buyers, contact the Devington Park Management Agents, Crown Property Management (address as below), and request that they send you a copy of the relevant accounts, and also for them to answer your question regarding the accounting policy. Should you not receive a copy of the accounts, please return to us and we will find a way of sending a copy to you.


 We hope that our reply helps in the meantime.


Regards from,


The Team at


Address:   Crown Property Management

        135 Reddenhill Road, Torquay TQ1 3NT

        tel: 01803 324405)






Hi I am one of the two ladies that has been maintaining your grounds for CGM and the two of us would very much like to comment on your site if that is ok with you.”








So now our flowerbeds are to be laid to lawn. This is not what l bought into when l chose to live in Devington Park. Surely the residents must have some say in these decisions. We are paying an increased maintenance charge and for what?





"I have to ask who's decision it was to make staff redundant rather than ask the leaseholders for their opinion on such an important matter. Obviously the decision was a disastrous one, as we have now lost all of the combined knowledge and skill that we had. Should we not all democratically have a say-so in these larger decisions that affect the site by means of email or by online survey. From the letter, it stated that the service change would have risen, but still only to what it was 2 years ago. As a one off to keep staff and cover the fire risk assessment, I would have agreed. I think that there should be some kind of EGM whereby the board members can answer to the fee paying leaseholders. Talk about reducing the home values, the care and attention of the sites 'caretaking' has seemingly been lost forever."






 - "I wish to agree with the comments made regarding the future of devington park in respect to the redundancy of the park manager and assistant park manager.i tried to send e.mail to the devington park board as soon as i received the letter with the service charge demand.nobody from the board has contacted me about this.i am very concerned to hear David Gibson has already left the park and Matt Trestrail is also leaving next month.why the secrecy and all hush hush.what is going on.i know austerity is the new buzzword these days but it feels like a case of throwing the baby out with the pram.would anyone from the board wish to let us know what is happening

May i wish both David and Matt best wishes for the future and many thanks for all their hard work."






 - "Isn't it now time, given the recent developments, for the residents to have the opportunity to voice their concerns!"





External painting is badly needed in many places, and if it deteriorates further the value of our properties will be seriously affected. Surely the painting alone is a full-time job. And who will now clean the staircases and passageways?"





 - "I am very concerned to hear that both David AND Matt have apparently left, having been made redundant. I appreciate that there is a need to save money, but to lose both maintenance personnel smacks of mismanagement, or at the very least carelessness. It could have been handled so much better.