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(04.12.2017) - Devington Park seasonal Christmas tree erected and decorated. Situated in front of the Mansion House at the main entrance to the Park, it is lit up each evening until the New Year.



(08.11.2016) - Devington Park employee dismissed


We were made aware that our long term employee has been dismissed. See our editorial page for information.



(16.07.2015) - Superfast Broadband comes to Exminster.


We were advised today by one of our residents that  FTTC (Superfast Fibre Broadband) was enabled today 06/07/2015 at the Exminster exchange. We suggest that it could be worth checking with your provider to see if you're enabled now to benefit from faster Internet speeds.


A quick check with BT resulted in a confirmation that the DP postcodes could now receive superfast fibre broadband which could result in speeds up to 76MB (up from 8MB max. generally for normal ASDL broadband which is the norm for this area). Of course - it is at a price!


Many thanks to the DP resident for giving us this news so promptly.


(01.05.2015) - Damage to Gate Console.


The coping stone to the gate console brick structure appears to have 'vanished'. Closer inspection reveals that it is to be found within the hedge behind the structure.

The  stone is very heavy and is unlikely to have blown off. Meanwhile the number pads within are exposed to the prevailing weather.

Accident? or Vandalism?


 - Note: Coping stone repaired a few days afterwards. (editor)


(21.03.2015) - BAD news for Gardeners!


We have learned that the DPMCL Management Board have dismissed our gardening Contractors, County Grounds Maintenance Limited. CGM have looked after out beautiful gardens over the past few years, with great results. They have been ably assisted by two professional gardening ladies, who we understand have also been dismissed. No reason has been given for this and, as yet we have not received any official notification. We cannot understand why such competent and hard working people are being treated in this manner especially as the results of their work have been appreciated by so many residents on our Park.


(20.03.2015) - Pied Piper of Hamelin?


We have recently been made aware that our Pest Control contractor has been dismissed from his work at Devington Park. As a result of this, all of his “rat traps” and “squirrel traps” have been removed from site. As far as we are aware the site is currently unprotected from the ingress of pests such as rats and other vermin. We understand that if squirrels were able to enter out roof spaces they could cause all sort of problems by, for instance, chewing through our electric and data wires. Rats used to be a problem prior to the introduction of pest control. This is of particular concern as it is known that rats can transmit Weil's disease, a form of a bacterial infection also known as Leptospirosis which is carried by animals, most commonly in rats. It can be caught by humans through contact with rat urine. We and are very concerned that there has been no official notification on the Park of this action.


(02.02.2015) - Good news for Gardeners!


We are able to report that all of the garden hedges dividing the Knighthayes Walk properties have been completely replaced with new soil and new hedges, not sure what type! This must make the Knighthayes residents happy and is really good news for Devington Park. Could it be assumed that other old hedges on other Walks will follow later?


 (12.01.2015) - Resignation of our Assistant Park Manager


We further understand that our assistant Park Manager, Matthew Trestrail has handed in his notice and will be leaving the Park early February. This news in addition to the loss of David Gibson is yet another blow to our wonderful Park.


What a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!


 Why is nothing being done about this?


What on earth is going on at Devington Park?





We understand that David Gibson redundancy is complete and he has now left Devington Park.





(21.12.2014) - Redundancy of our Park Manager


We understand that our Park Manager, David Gibson has been served notice of redundancy. This news was communicated in a letter which accompanied the upcoming service charge for 2015. This will be a great shock for many residents and leaseholders on the park, none of whom were consulted before the decision was made, presumably by the management board. We do not know when David is leaving us. It is also understood that the role of the assistant manager, Matt Trestrail will also be made redundant.