The properties of Devington Park are 'Leasehold Properties', in that the ownership is retained by the Freeholder who has sold leases to the leaseholders in order that each leaseholder has the right of tenancy for periods up to 999 years.

 Thus each leaseholder has the right to own the lease for individual properties and has the right to sell on that lease to another potential owner.  Each leaseholder is bound by a lease document and also has membership of Devington Park Management Company, which was set up at the start of the Devington Park development in order to manage the running of the site including the maintenance of the external fabric of the buildings. Each leaseholder pays an annual service charge to the Company as a share of the anticipated running cost for that year.

 The Freeholder is entitled to receive an annual Ground Rent from each leaseholder. This is a relatively small amount, compared to the service charge, and could be described as annual rent for the property. The ground rent is administered by the owner of the  freehold and, in the case of Devington Park, this is carried out via an agent who may be contacted by leaseholders via our Links page.

The Devington Park Management Company Limited (DPMCL) is the body responsible for the running of the Park and comprises of Directors who are also individual leaseholders. Generally any leaseholder may be a Director, this being the only qualification required. Directors are voted onto the Board at Annual General Meetings of the Company.

 DPMCL currently employs a 'Managing Agent', an outside property agent who may also run other similar developments. The Agent generally handles the 'off-site' business including company secretariat, financial and budgetary control and the engagement of sub-contractors to provide services to the Park such as gardening, specialist maintenance, tree surgery, etc.

 Our Park Caretaker, George is on site throughout the working week and looks after the day to day running of the Park services.


George is assisted by a part time gardener. Occasional additional help is employed on an 'ad-hoc' basis.

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